PUBG Mobile Coupon to Purchase Free UC, In-Game Items and Royale Pass

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 The PUBG Mobile Season 10 is around the corner and many players could not wait longer to rock the new season. There have been many new additions that we already discussed about in our “PUBG Mobile Season 10 Leaks“ post. What even more exciting is Google is kind enough and is giving free credit to Android users worth 200 INR or approximately $3. Also, let me tell you it is completely genuine and not any trick. This Google Play credit can be used while purchasing the upcoming Season 10 Royale Pass to get a discount. Other than that you can use it to purchase all sorts of items from the PUBG Mobile shop.


How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Credit on Play Store

Android users need to follow the steps given below to avail the coupon and use it for PUBG Mobile In-Game Purchases.

→ Step 1 – Open Play Store on your phone and click on the 3 horizontal bars present at the top left corner of your screen as shown in the screenshot below.

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→ Step 2 – Now click on the “Notifications” option.

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→ Step 3 – There you will find a notification stating “Enjoy ₹200 off from Play in PUBG Mobile”. The currency may vary depending upon your country.

→ Step 4 – Click on the “Claim Now” button and it will be saved in your Accounts “Rewards” section within the Play Store.

→ Step 5 – Now, to claim the free credit you need to open PUBG Mobile and purchase something worth ₹350 or above and the discounted item would cost you just ₹150.

Something to note here is that this is a time limited offer that means it will end after some days if not claimed. So make sure to claim it right after reading this article so as not to miss out on this offer.

Another important thing is this offer might not show up right away for many people. For example, for me it appeared and for my friend it showed up after one day. So, do not worry it will eventually show up in your Play Store after some time. If you cannot wait to claim the offer then you can try looking into the play store of anyone of your family member’s and claim it.

It must be remembered not to fall for any misleading advertisements selling UC at a cheap rate or offering free PUBG Mobile UC. Recently many PUBG Mobile players lost their account after entering sensitive information about their PUBG Mobile account on scamming websites leading to getting their accounts hacked.

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